No, no, no, no, no. This should not have happened. Ray Davies has re-recorded a bunch of (wonderful, amazing) Kinks songs. With a choir. Have you ever wanted to hear "You Really Got Me" sung by a 65-piece choir? Well then, (1) The Kinks Choral Collection is the album for you, and (2) fuck you.

Ray Davies has not ultimately side-stepped the geezer syndrome that almost every rocker his age has succumbed to, but he hasn't tarnished his damn-near unbeatable legacy nearly as bad as some of his peers. In fact, his Portland show last year was one of the best concerts in recent memory, sounding vital and alive. But this... this has happened.

I don't know who this record is for. Kinks fans? Chorus fans? A song like "Waterloo Sunset" can't be entirely killed by a Christmassy sounding choir ooh-ing in the background, but some of the other songs don't fare so well.


Ray Davies & The Crouch End Festival Chorus - "Picture Book"

Ugh. I need a hot bath and an original copy of Village Green Preservation Society, stat.