You might know David Bazan as the bearded (former) Christian solider behind Pedro the Lion. Perhaps you know David Bazan as the man responsible for Curse Your Branches, arguably the best record of 2009 not named Bitte Orca. Or maybe you think Bazan was the man behind that song, "Like a Pimp," but you are wrong, that was David Banner. (I could stare at the photo all day long and it will never cease to amaze me.)

Anyway, Branches is Bazan's breakup album with God—if you think Bazan is taking it bad, you should see the other guy—and while it's an emotionally jarring listening experience, the album is truly beautiful and sincere. To celebrate his first Portland show since the album's release, we're offering up a pair of tickets to see Bazan at Mississippi Studios this Friday night.

We'll give two tickets to the best commenter below, just explain why you deserve to go to the show for free. Love David Bazan? Love David Banner? Hate Jesus? Adore 'em all? Make your case by tomorrow (Wednesday!) at 9am and the tickets will be yours. Good luck, and God bless.


David Bazan - "Bless This Mess"