• Simone Muller

Woah. Didn't see this coming. Portland legends—and proof that rock and roll monogamy does exist—Fred and Toody Cole have inked a deal for Pierced Arrows to join the Vice Records roster. Their second full-length, Descending Shadows, will be out on the 2nd of February and supposedly you can stream a song ("Paranoia") from it somewhere on this clustered page of hipness. Can you find it? I can't.

Take it away, mister press release man:

Descending Shadows expands on their fervently rough signature sound, recorded at Portland's Buzz or Howl Studios and mastered to vinyl lacquer per tradition at Fred and Toody's home. Promising to herald a new generation of fans steeped in the progeny which Dead Moon influenced, Descending Shadows will provide longtime followers of the Cole's work with a new vital installment of what Fred once described as "rock'n'roll that's rough, ragged, and honest", a sincere answer to the void of emotion lacking in today's era.