• Brantley Gutierrez

FACT: Dinosaur Jr. are the finest exports from the great city of Amherst, Massachusetts. (Sorry Emily Dickinson, you lose.)
FACT: J Mascis has been continually soloing since 1984. It's just been one long guitar solo, man.
FACT: From the age of 14-21, I put Dinosaur Jr.'s "Not You Again" and Sebadoh's "Soul and Fire" and on every mixtape I made for a girl. (I am shocked I am still not a virgin.)
FACT: The recent Dinosaur Jr. releases—with the original lineup—are just as impressive as their earliest days. Something you can't say about most bands that have been kicking it for a quarter century.
FACT: We are giving away three pairs of tickets to see the band this Saturday night at the Wonder Ballroom.

To win your way into the Wonder Ballroom on Saturday, just comment below on why you think you deserve to attend this show . The best three (!) comments by Thursday at 10am will win a pair of tickets. If you don't want to chance it, tickets are still available here. Good luck and be sure to bring your earplugs (seriously), you're going to need them.


Dinosaur Jr. - "I Want You To Know"