• Ben Salmon
Presented as a limited-edition CD run complete with hand-screened covers, The Sun Says He's God is the first proper offering from the Brothers Young. While the band's boots are muddied by the murky waters of traditional folk—with enough down-home bluegrass to justify your bourbon intake during their live performances—the Brothers' intertwined melodies can occasionally fall into Pinback territory, especially on the dark and sprawling "Waterman." But The Sun Says is not a modern mashup of genres; it's primarily a sleepy-eyed folk record, one that buries even the softest of vocal melodies under a mountain of textured instrumentals. It's the product of a band that proudly rolls a half-dozen members deep—Michael, Dustin and Dillon Young, plus Travis Girton, Trevino Brings Plenty, and Levi Ethan Cecil (he put out the record, so he automatically gets to be in the band). EZRA ACE CARAEFF

Brothers Young - "Planet Earth"

You may know that there is a fourth Brother Young—the Andy Gibb of the Young clan, if you will—Ritchie Young, who is not in the band but fronts Loch Lomond and runs tonight's show's venue, the Woods. Also, you should know that BOAT is opening for the Brothers Young. BOAT is really good. We like BOAT. Go see Brothers Young and BOAT. You will be glad.

The Woods, 6637 SE Milwaukie, 9 pm, $7