Another week, another Mercury music section to read while you dress your child like a hideous mutant. Correction: an adorable hideous mutant.

David Bazan and Jesus used to be so close that they'd carve "DB + JC = 4EVAH" into the trunks of trees. But those days are no more. Bazan's wonderful Curse Your Branches recording chronicles his fall from faith. Does that mean he's a free agent? You hear that Jews? He could be ours!

David Bazan - "When We Fell"

BOAT are just like us, they put their pants on one leg at a time. Except once their pants are on, they create the funnest music known to man... while we're just happy to be wearing pants.

BOAT - "We've Been Friends Since 1989"

The Mountain Goats find a copy of the bible—in David Bazan's dumpster—and proceed to write an entire record with blblical verses for song titles.

The Mountain Goats - "Genesis 3:23"

In their first visit to Portland, Video Games Live combine symphony orchestration with video game soundtracks. Hey Mario Bros., take off those colorful overalls and put on something nice, you're going to the symphony!
Video Games Live Trailer

Our Town Could Be Your Life looks at former Meow Meow kid Kelli Schaefer and her recent single series that will feature a new release every six to eight weeks.

Kelli Schaefer - "City Morgue"