I am stupid psyched about the new Mean Jeans record. It's so refreshing to have a party band back in the house—we all need to take a break from the feelings, self-aggrandizing, and the other, oft-abused tenets of indie rock and just go crazy. So I'm calling it Mean Jeans Week, and in anticipation of their record release show and corresponding print story this week, I'm posting songs, videos and radical quotes from the Jeans that didn't make the story.

I think Joey Ramone is the ultimate punk because he's a goddamn freak. I mean, what woman would ever have sex with him? So he did the only thing that he could do and he was the best at it ever...

We jerk-off to Joey Ramone more than porn.

- Christian AKA Billy Jeans

"Born on a Saturday Night" - the opening track from Are You Serious?: