If you’ve been feeling more crab-ish than usual or freaxxx-ish today, it’s not only because Black Monday is rapidly approaching, but because Of Mice and Men—who meet in some hideous place between Brokencyde and Attack Attack! (The Hot Topic in the Mall of America?)—are gracing the Hawthorne Theatre tonight. While their name is inspired by 7th grade required reading, their screamo covers are inspired by pop songs that dominated the radio all too recently to warrant any kind of nostalgia or tribute.


“I Kissed A Girl”

Of Mice and Men’s singer, Austin Carlile, was contributing vocoder vocals (Vocoderals?) to Attack Attack! (He’s an original member!) while they recorded this fine cover. I'm particularly fond of the way he sings “I hope my boyfriend don’t mind it.”

Oh, and John Steinbeck would never wear this. Also on the bill is Island Of The Blue Dolphins, The Call Of The Wild and Anne Of Green Gables.