We kill a lot of time around these parts partaking in the seedy exposed underbelly of Portland's finest strip clubs. That said, there is no better way to express our deep moral depravity than a week-long series of songs dedicated to such businesses. So every day this week we will post a song in tribute to Portland's nudiest of nude revues. We already have music lined up for a few (Mary's, Union Jacks, Dancing Bare), but we welcome your suggestions. Is there a good Jiggles song? If so, we really want to know.

Up first, the gem of China Town, Magic Gardens. Easily the finest musical option—their jukebox is excellent—the Garden is a perfect place to hide during bad opening acts at most any downtown venue.

Written by Jimmy Webb—and definitely not about a downtown strip bar in Portland—Dusty Springfield's bubblegum psych-pop version of "Magic Garden" isn't nearly as soulful as her Dusty in Memphis material, but still sways with her enigmatic delivery. I wonder if it's on the jukebox there?


Dusty Springfield - "Magic Garden"