We kill a lot of time around these parts partaking in the seedy exposed underbelly of Portland's finest strip clubs. That said, there is no better way to express our deep moral depravity than a week-long series of songs dedicated to such businesses. So every day this week we will post a song in tribute to Portland's nudiest of nude revues.

I originally was going to pay tribute to East Burnside's Union Jacks with Billy Bragg's "Take Down The Union Jack," but then realized that Bragg might be the least sexy man on the planet. Even his minor hit "Sexuality" ("A nuclear submarine sinks off the coast of Sweden/Headlines give me headaches when I read them"—what?) never quite lived up to its title. Instead I went with the equally British, but far more alluring, "Crack in the Union Jack" from Suede. A change of pace from their usual bombastic androgynous glam-pop, this song is the intimate acoustic closing number to 1999's uneven Head Music. And unlike Bragg, this band has probably had sex in the past decade.


Suede - "Crack in the Union Jack"