Chillwave/glo-fi band of the moment Neon Indian plays their first Portland show tonight at Mississippi Studios. Their debut Psychic Chasms is a fun, wobbly dance party: a little bit italo disco, a little bit Ariel Pink, a little bit Prince's Dirty Mind playing on a Walkman with melting batteries. It's the work of one Alan Polomo, and I was skeptical about how a one-man electric music project would translate to the live setting, but by most reports the Neon Indian live band delivers the goods.


Neon Indian - "Deadbeat Summer"

The Stranger ran an interesting piece on the short lifespan of the "chillwave" scene, which reflects how quickly the online music community chews up and spits out new genres nowadays. I actually think the supposed chillwave backlash demonstrates the inefficacy of genre-branding in general. (Does anyone else think the genre tags in iTunes are worthless, and change them to another identifier? My genre tags are all switched to the year, so I can browse that way.) But hey, the bagging and tagging of an emergent musical genre makes it easier to talk/write about music, I guess.

So: Neon Indian in Portland tonight! And—this is cool—they're playing a show in Salem tomorrow night at Willamette University. It's part of their Wulapalooza Fall Feastival (an autumnal counterpart to the University's spring fest) and the show is free (and all-ages, I'd reckon, or at least 18 and up). It takes place on campus at the Montag Den and "neon attire is encouraged." (Thanks to Cliff Batson for the tip!)

Neon Indian plays live tonight w/Guidance Counselor & Tigercity at Mississippi Studios, 3939 N Mississippi, 9 pm (DJ Remy the Restless starts at 8 pm), $10; and tomorrow (Wed Nov 18) w/Tigercity at Montag Den, Willamette University, 900 State St, Salem, 8 pm, FREE