"When I do die I shall be glad to get away from loud pop music." Ivor Cutler

Well, Mr. Cutler is in luck. The Parenthetical Girls' latest is not only a loving tribute to the iconic Scot, but the limited edition 10" recording (a mere 500 copies were made) lacks the volume and dramatics of their previous recordings. They saved that for the release's title: The Scottish Play: Wherein The Group Parenthetical Girls Pay Well-Intentioned (If Occasionally Misguided) Tribute To the Works of Ivor Cutler. (Oh, conflict of interest pony insists we mention that Parenthetical Girls' singer Zac Pennington used to work at this paper over four years ago.)

Available from Tomlab, the release features four interpretations of Cutler's songs, and four spoken word poems culled his vast catalog of writing. If you want to learn more about Cutler and all his many accomplishments (from befriending the Beatles to his poetry), this BBC obit is a good jumping off point. But beware, this might lead to obsession, and next thing you know you'll be making your own well-intentioned (if occasionally misguided) tribute to the man.


Parenthetical Girls - "Doughnut Master"