We kill a lot of time around these parts partaking in the seedy exposed underbelly of Portland's finest strip clubs. That said, there is no better way to express our deep moral depravity than a week-long series of songs dedicated to such businesses. So every day this week we will post a song in tribute to Portland's nudiest of nude revues.

There are far too many "Mary" songs to dedicate to the local institution that is Mary's Club, but it would be hard not to include Bruce Springsteen's "Mary Queen Of Arkansas" here. (Plus, perhaps it's the poor Confederate exchange rate, but a career as a Portland dancer seems far superior than the Queen of Arkansas.)

It might not be a fitting song for the playlist at Mary's—too many start/stops, no one could dance to this—but the tale of the "lonely acrobat" who pines for a woman to "hold me so tight and love me so damn loose" is a staple of early Springsteen dramatic songwriting. In fact, this song would work better while you dine alone on a sad burrito next door at Santería, loser.


Bruce Springsteen - "Mary Queen Of Arkansas"