Lapdances are $20, but shell step in your penne for free.
  • Lapdances are $20, but she'll step in your penne for free.
We kill a lot of time around these parts partaking in the seedy exposed underbelly of Portland's finest strip clubs. That said, there is no better way to express our deep moral depravity than a week-long series of songs dedicated to such businesses. So every day this week we will post a song in tribute to Portland's nudiest of nude revues.

Perched on the east end of the Ross Island Bridge, 633 SE Powell has seen its share of business turnover the past few years. At one point it was the eastside outpost of the Boom Boom Room, then it was Gata Salvaje, a Mexican-themed strip club. Then I think it became Bent, a gay bar? At any rate, the establishment is now Lucky Devil, a happy return to your normal meat 'n' potatoes strip club, with some extra flair, like red velvet wallpaper and a puma-print carpet.

Our song for today doesn't quite have the same flair, a rockabillyish pop number from 1960, back when hillbilly shared strides with the mainstream. Carl Dobkins, Jr. is best known for "My Heart Is an Open Book," but "Lucky Devil" was a minor hit too, with a bit of Buddy Holly in the jumping beat, and highlighted by some warm backing vocals. It might sound a little innocent for a lap dance, but I bet the right dancer could make it kill.


Carl Dobkins, Jr. - "Lucky Devil"