Perhaps not since Wesley Willis has there been a more bizarre-o piano man than Noah DeVore, otherwise known as Keyboard. In between crooning like a lovesick 14-year-old over his ‘91 Yamaha keyboard’s programmed dance beats, DeVore delivers some truly oddball (and usually slurred) stage banter.

Tuesday night, in his twang-y New Mexican accent, DeVore threatened to hold Dunes hostage by locking the door from the inside with an allegedly stolen key if the crowd didn’t stay for the following act, Pocketknife. After a bonked-out, back and forth negotiation he bargained to not take such unlawful action, but to rather treat whoever remains to post-show breakfast at Burger King instead. He even vowed to start a Facebook group to insure his loyalty. Later DeVore confessed to falling victim to an excruciating panic attack during his last BK visit, however, his Double Stack was so delicious, it was worth it.

Not too surprisingly, a few people left shaking their head early on in the set, as Keyboard’s Dan Deacon meets Billy Joel love songs aren’t for everyone. However, if you‘ve rotted the rational side of your brain playing Nintendo in your awkward teenage years, you’ll fall in love with DeVore’s unique brand of lonely bedroom pop (even if he does freak out on you time to time.)