Another week, another Mercury music section to read while you celebrate Perry Farrell's sexiversary. What do you get someone for a ten year sexiversary? A vasectomy? Punch in the groin?

Speaking of groin punching, we talk to Art Alexakis from Everclear. It took ten years, but we finally covered that band. Look for our Pink Martini article in 2019.

Everclear - "A.M. Radio"

The tale of Dutchess and the Duke is a great story of a band that accidentally stumbled into a record deal, and success, on the strength of their songs. Inspiring! Speaking of Dutchess, Fergie's debut solo album, The Dutchess, sold eight million copies. Depressing!

Dutchess and the Duke - "Hands"

Rainbow Arabia travel the globe more than Carmen Sandiego. Sorry for that reference, it's just that everything I know about geography I learned from that show. Kick It, Rockapella!

Rainbow Arabia - "Holiday in Congo"

I don't care if your guilty feet have got no rhythm, you are gonna dance again, and Friendly Fires is the band that is going to make that happen. Now stop the careless whispering and listen to this song.

Friendly Fires - "Paris"

The Strange Boys have changed lineups—there is now a (strange) girl in the band—but that has not stopped the Austin band from churning out the raw R&B/rock and roll that those darn kids are so crazy about these days.

The Strange Boys - "They're Building the Death Camps"

Local don't-call-them-lo-fi band Meth Teeth talks about their origins (spoiler alert: it had nothing to do with drugs or dental work) and their Everything Went Wrong LP. We'll be posting a much longer version of this piece later today, so cool your jets.

Meth Teeth - "A Thousand Regrets"