I like it—in theory. But dammit, what's really killing me is I can't yet see the episode with one of my very favorites, Les Savy Fav. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

The concept: bands share stories of weird road food, eat fancy stuff made by a hipster chef, and play songs that have a very good chance of falling flat in a small, bright room. Fuck it, I'm in. And like every time I watch a TV show about food I'll likely end up over-extending my poor cooking skills and coming up with another gastronomic disaster like Carrot Surprise.

So yeah, they play:

And then eat:

How fucking 21st century, Web 2.0, mainstream indie, Ace Hotel, Stumptown, iPhone leg humping is this? Upcoming guests include Yacht, Kid Sister, Men and more. Plus there are some old pilot-type episodes on the site as a an earlier web-series, including Fucked Up and others. Find it all here.

There's also a New York Times feature on the show.