Even homeboy promoting tonight's event to "Raise Awareness about the Southern Italian Utopia" doesn't know what the hell that means. Nothing comes up on Googles. I'll go out on a limb here and assume someone's summer home in Napoli needs a new a sauna in the nursery. I only kid. Mama mia!

Whatever Bohemian culture's plight the Dandy Warhol's Zia McCabe is raising awareness for, tonight's event at Rotture sure has some bang for it's buck. For a mere $8 (that's only €5.34 Euro) you'll see McCabe perform her solo material for the first time and a whole pizza pie of fantastico bands like Orca Team, 1776, Green Ladies, Hawkeye and many more filing both levels of Rotture and Branx.

Here's the spicy meat-a-ball though: included in your measly admission fee is the opportunity to have your portrait drawn by local artists, your future told by local psychics (you're going to die by Anton Newcombe's hands!), your shoulders rubbed by local masseuses, and you might be on a television in outer space (this will be filmed and broadcast live on Pirate Satellite TV). Bravo! Magnifico!