I'd say that Josh Martinez is a local treasure, but the raspy-voiced emcee is just as much a product of his other hometown (Vancouver, B.C.) as he is a Portlander. Regardless, last year's The World Famous Sex Buffet was a fantastic record—despite its goofy title—and Martinez has completed videos for eight songs from the album, but avoided one for its standout track, "Underground Pop," until now.

An excellent tribute to Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas—the Ralph Steadman lettering is a nice touch—Martinez is a rapping Raoul Duke, accompanied by his legal counsel, Dr. Gonzo (Canadian emcee Moka Only). Directed by "Stuey Kubrick" (?), the video fits Martinez's casual flow nicely, plus any clip that involves a hiphop dancing Richard Nixon will be endorsed by yours truly.