Jenna, call us. We need you tell us about Marduk.
  • Jenna, call me! I need you to tell me about Marduk.

It's no secret that here at End Hits we are a bunch of pansies that knit our own Belle and Sebastian sweater vests—if you're feeling knitister—and know nothing about metal. For the longest time we were blessed to have the incredible Mike Meyer as our metal scribe, but he was murdered by Varg Vikernes stepped down awhile back.

That said, we are looking for a metal freelancer.

The details:
- You know just about everything when it comes to local and national metal.
- Previous published experience is nice, but not essential.
- We will pay you.
- You will have to work for an editor whose metal experience peaked with a White Lion—the best Danish metal act since Mercyful Fate—cassingle he received as a gift in 1989.

If you are interested, drop us a line.
Now, if you don't mind, I have a pot of Chamomile brewing and some chamber pop to listen to.