Looks like the Panther duo is parting ways, and the band will perform for one final time on December 20th at Rontoms. According to a MySpace blog entry, singer Charlie Salas Humara is "going to pull a GG" (play terrible music with the Murder Junkies? ) while drummer Joe Kelly is "going to make it like the prom scene in Carrie" (ruin Piper Laurie's prom?).

Since I am confused, I asked Salas Humara about the breakup:

We are just burnt out and we both want to work on other projects. Joe wants to make furniture as he is an extremely talented furniture maker and I want to focus on another band I have started, as well as art. There are no hard feelings between Joe and I whatsoever, it's more financial as well as wanting to explore. We have finished the painting, so to speak.