Grab a stack of cash from Grandma's medicine fund—it's on her desk, next to the bowl of Werther's Original—and hit up our charity auction while the getting is good.


A guitar and a guitar lesson from a man who once out-shredded Stephen Colbert? Yes, both will be yours for a mere... $202.50. That is way too low. There are more important things in life than family, one of which is being able to play guitar like a freaking god. This is your chance at greatness, do not hesitate to put your Nana in the ground in order to win this package.

Also, don't miss these deals:
• Vinyl! A ton of it! Just look at this list of records in the "I Love Music" package. Plus, for some reason, you get a $50 gift certificate to Fire on the Mountain with the LPs. Let's be honest. When you spend this much on records, you are probably the type of person who eats wings every chance they get. Alone. Always, alone. Currently only $110!
• Hey bands, get your act together with this "Rock Band: The Real Thing" package that includes everything from a college radio campaign to legal advice from an actual lawyer. No more taking legal advice from the pony-tailed salesman at Guitar Center for you. Currently only $81!
• All proceeds help OUTSIDE IN assist homeless teens and disadvantaged adults.