Shot poorly by an iPhone camera Sat, December 5th @ Mt Tabor

Amazingly surreal scene. Dread to non-dread ration 2:1. Discounts at the door for having a Eugene, Oregon ID. Really. Dudes with mushroom hats. The most arid funk. A big glowing fabric structure. Big balloons getting tossed all over. Tons of funny costumes. Enough weed in the air for a ferocious contact high. More than I could ever document with such a shitty camera.

And though I admit to being a bit of a tourist and feeling pretty tongue in cheek, the Crow Quill Night Owls are a pretty phenomenal jug band. Guitarist Kit Stovepipe can really play. And there are some great subversive lyrics in the seemingly jovial romps. I remember one in particular, something along the lines of "when you're stringing up a rope to hang yourself, do it right / do it right." (I'm paraphrasing.) Here's the Night Owl's busking, so you get some idea: