Which member you think has WAY less hair than is depicted here?

This is so great—the irony of a band stuck in the 80's covets new internet marketing. That's right folks, REO Speedwagon have their own video game. If you're pissed, blame Gene Simmons. From the NY Times story:

“I remember the first time I saw a pinball machine with Kiss,” he added. “This is a 21st-century version.”

“For me and the band, it’s always interesting to try new ideas out,” Mr. Consolo said, because it helps cultivate an image for the band as contemporary rather than an oldies act.

Trying new ideas? Really? How about trying some with regards to the fucking music!? Big 80's drums? Check. Feathery guitars? Check. Tired, stupid rock cliches? Check (see the new REO Speedwagon Christmas album Not So Silent Night, or the Homer Simpson titled classic, Can't Stop Rockin.

Actually, you know what, no. Don't try any new ideas with the music. The last thing anyone in the Indian Casino concert circuit needs is REO Speedwagon with samplers. But man, they just can't help but being unintentionally hilarious:

“You don’t just lay back and play your greatest hits all the time,” he added.

REALLY? REALLY? You're REO Fucking Speedwagon. Nobody under 40 knows or cares. Or perhaps I'm the one in the dark:

There is another benefit to the Internet, Mr. Consolo said, in that “kids are getting turned on to a lot of classic-rock radio artists” they may not hear on the radio — either because they do not listen to stations playing those acts or because they do not listen to radio at all.


Anyway, the game cost the Wagon $80,000 to make. It costs $8 to buy, but you can try it out here and play an hour for free. If you find the "Golden Ticket" hidden in the game you could win a chance to meet the band. Or you could just go to one of their shitty concerts at the state fair. Something tells me they're not exactly too hard to shake hands with.

Game Teaser: