Earlier this month Dirtnap Records released a trio of new singles from Goodnight Loving, Coconut Coolouts, and Airfix Kits. Like most Dirtnap releases, these new seven-inches would fit nice between an original pressing of Buzzcocks' Love Bites and a mason jar of Iggy Pop’s spit purchased off eBay (which promised eternal life if drank). Ken Cheppaikode's label is continuing to branch out (reaching as far as Milwaukee) while still successfully releasing local acts such as the Mean Jeans. It's been a busy season at the pressing plant for Cheppaikode as in addition to these fine releases, more are on the way including the highly anticipated Potential Johns seven-inch.

Let's give a listen to what's hot off the press.

Goodnight Loving—“Nothing Conquers Us”
This Wisconsin band’s A-side is an infectious gem that is like a rockabilly twist on the Clash.

Coconut Coolouts—“Monster Crash”
These Seattle party rockers usually have their inspiration delivered in pizza boxes however, this seven-inch is Halloween-inspired (just in time for Christmas!). The B-side sounds so much like the Cramps it’s kind of spooky.

Airfix Kits—“Playing Both Sides”
From Oakland, Airfix Kits pulls from late '70s punk bands like the Adverts and Richard Hell to deliver modern bubblegum-tinged punk anthems. This song will certainly resonate with anyone who’s had a heart broken by a two-timer.