Slippers, flowers and a messy hospital bed...
  • Slippers, flowers and a messy hospital bed...

Shoot. A while back, I wrote a brief/stupid blurb about the Weezer Snuggie in which I essentially told Rivers Cuomo to shut up and die.

While browsing the New York Times online today, I noticed a headline from a few days back that reads: "Weezer Singer Released From Hospital." Turns out that Cuomo got into a serious accident in his tour bus last week that ruptured his spleen, cracked three of his ribs and punctured his lung. He can't walk without a cane, can't fly in a plane and can't finish the remainder of the Ratitude tour. Fuuuck! I didn't really want Rivers Cuomo to (almost) die; I just wanted Weezer to make another record as good as the Blue Album! I don't actually think they were serious about the Snuggie; I just didn't think the ironic pop culture reference was strong enough.

Anyways, just wanted to apologize to Cuomo, his family, and all of the high schoolers in Suburban Connecticut who discovered that Rivers is from the Nutmeg state and used that fact to convince Dad to put (now cancelled) concert tickets on his credit card. Beware of what you say on the web, folks; it might come true.

I leave you with the Jaws of Life that pried Cuomo and his family from the capsized tour bus and me from my critical stance. Read more about the accident here.