Bad news everyone: Portland art punk group Teeath are going on hiatus. However, this will only be a short one as drummer Katherine Paul is set to embark to Senegal for a school semester (and possible secret baby adoption). The good news is they'll be back in full force come April and even plan on recording a new EP then. If their self titled debut record released last September is any indication, it should be well worth the wait. In the meantime fellow bandmates Flan Smith (conflict of interest alert: Flannery works for this paper, although if I called her "Flan" she'd punch me.—Ed.) and Mya Kiko plan on writing new material in preparation of their new... wait a minute!

Really, ladies? You're going to work on new songs? Your drummer—ahem, drummer—is going to Africa for four months where she'll most likely participate in some badass, real deal drum circles. Do you really expect to ever sound anything like the same band who performed their last hurrah at Hungry Tiger Too (appropriately enough) last Friday? Don't you kind of think when Ms. Paul returns all those Wire-esque songs you've been writing are going to get totally scrapped? Or in a best case scenario, sent off to Graceland? Teeath might as well just sell their Les Pauls right now and spend the winter learning how to shred on a rainstick.

Whatever sound their future holds, Teeath's comeback next spring should be very exciting (especially if Ms. Paul's secretly adopted baby joins the band).