At last there's a (sort of) open mic night worth attending. Instead of hearing struggling folky folks butcher your favorite Bob Dylan or Joan Baez anti-war anthems, you can witness Scott McPherson (who's currently Beck's touring drummer) jam with a rotating cast of buddies at Posies Cafe (8208 N. Denver) starting every Tuesday in January.

And who might these buddies be? Well, McPherson has been the beat man for several notable acts, such as Elliott Smith, She and Him (featuring M. Ward and some actress), Earlimart, Neil Finn (New Zealand's equivealent of Elvis Presley), Bright Eyes and many more, so it's not unreasonable to expect to witness some top notch musicians play alongside him. Don't expect Elliott Smith to show up though. Did you hear the news? Totally sucks.

Their plan is to also invite local musicians from bands who maybe aren't headlining at Wonder Ballroom or something like that on the weekends to the Tuesday night jam session as well. As someone with McPherson's track record, he shouldn't have to do very much pleading.

Hey End Hitters, what local musicians (besides yourself!) would you be curious to see McPherson collaborate with?

Posies Cafe is located at 8208 N. Denver Ave. Starts January 5th and every Tuesday night from there on afterwards.