These particular posters are from last year. Those available online from the current show don't do justice to what's there.

Tonight marked the opening of the sixth annual The Art of Musical Maintenance show at the Goodfoot. The amount of work on display is staggering (281 in all), and the majority is great. All are screen printed by hand. A number of local bands (Modest Mouse, Decemberists, M. Ward, etc) and even local shows are available. Each poster is for sale, framed and unframed. The unframed posters average from $20-30, while the framed versions start around $100. Pretty good Christmas gift ideas for the music lover in your life (although, damn—no bands my girlfriend really digs to be found... what the fuck am I going to get her?!).

You'll need to be quick. At most there are five or so copies of each poster and a number of them have already sold out. I'd get there this weekend if you're seriously considering purchase. That said, it's a great exhibit. A beer and a wander through them all is totally worthwhile. A few of the posters are really special—hand printed on wood, and even some with a kind of metallic process I'm not sure what to call. Go see for yourself.

An idea of the amount of work we're talking about: