Hopefully enrollment at the Rock N Roll Camp for Girls will quadruple (at least) when this new biographical film of the Runaways hits theaters next March. Staring what's-her-face from those movies about sparkly vampires as Joan Jett, perhaps The Runaways film inspires a new tidal wave of vampy girl punk rock bands (just like these pretty girls) in the coming years.

Now 15 year old (!) Dakota Fanning portrays Cherie "the lost daughter of Iggy Pop and Brigitte Bardot" Currie, while Scout Taylor-Compton plays the role of Lita Ford. Do you still watch movies with Cuba Gooding Jr. in them? Me neither. Well the girl in one of his recent comedies (though Boat Trip should've kept him away from those for at least a few decades)—Stella Maeve—plays Sandy West, the Runaways' original drummer who tragically passed away far too young in 2006.

I realize this film could be a disaster and potentially smudge the band's legacy, then again it might make a fun rock and roll flick in the vein of Mark Walhberg's Rock Star (but hopefully nothing like Rainn Wilson's The Rocker). At the very least—I think this film will inspire young girls to pick up an instrument in ways Miley Cyrus could only dream, and for that, it doesn't matter how painful this movie might be to watch. Let's listen to some of the Runaways' songs to celebrate this totally sweet trailer!

The Runaways - "Rock N' Roll"
This Velvet Underground cover was clearly produced by SNL's portrayal of Bruce Dickinson. If you have a fever and don't quite know what the prescription is, maybe this mopey rocker tribute will help.

The Runaways - "Dead End Justice"
"Dead End Justice" is why these girls should be spoken with the same breathe as the Ramones—they shamelessly recycled one of their previous riffs to create a new song. That's so punk rock! The first half of it sure sounds a lot like this next song...

The Runaways - "Cherry Bomb"
This song is arguably just as much of a punk rock standard as "I Wanna Be Sedated" or "God Save The Queen."