Like many Americans this holiday season, I was hocked off a Snuggie during a Christmas party, courtesy of someone who didn't know the slightest thing about me. The infomercials should cater to not only Weezer uber-geeks, and those with easily-chilled arms, but to unimaginative gift-givers as well. These things are like the fruitcakes of Christmas 2009.

As someone who sits on their computer and (like you) eagerly awaits End Hits updates during these all-too-cold winter mornings, shivering every time I reach for my coffee, this thing is a Godsend. But here's what River's Cuomo doesn't want you to know: a Snuggie covers you with millions of little blue lint balls. Once you take the thing off and face the cold, cruel world you will look like you're wearing a Cookie Monster suit. For me, it's just all the more reason to never take it off, although to be honest, I feel drop dead sexy wearing mine. Maybe you're not even supposed to wear clothes underneath a Snuggie. Hmmm...

Well if this Weezer-approved, glamorized bath robe turns out to be too much for my lint brush to handle, I'm going to pass it off to some other unsuspecting sucker. I promise to wash it first.