Cake Ghost will NOT be playing.
  • Cake Ghost will NOT be playing.

There is a rumor that the Yummy Fur/Pie Ghosts/Asss show at Mississippi Studios on January 20th will have a surprise guest. Did you notice that Pie Ghosts don't seem to have a link to their website? Well that's because it's a fake a band name. (Unless this girl from "Butt-Fucking Egypt, Oklahoma" has a brand new band that is somehow opening for the recently reunited Glasgow rockers.)

Could it be Franz Ferdinand, since half their members have done stints in the Fur? Or maybe it will be the Country Teasers (another band due for a reunion show), who share members with Yummy Fur. Perhaps it will even by The Smiths, who Fur leader Jackie McKeown used to (kind of) talk shit on (okay, maybe that one's not as likely). Or maybe it's a hip band with Portland ties and a singer who adores the Glasgow band.

Since this town can't keep a secret, maybe you should just buy your tickets now.