Nerd alert!

In what is perhaps the most logical merger since Mountain Dew and video games, Plan B is hosting a brand new Metal Game night. Bring your ID, favorite RPG, devil horns and perhaps your soon-to-be expired V-card down to Plan B where DJ DM (yes, that does stand for Dungeon Master) will be spinning your favorite fantasy, black, speed and doom metal while you completely dork out. I cannot even imagine how epic it would be to cast the druid spell Shillelagh onto a Level 4 Goblin with "Through The Fire And Flames" as the soundtrack. Honestly, I can't.

Bring your friends and if you don't have any, prepare to meet several, as you could have a total bee girl moment tonight.

Plan B is located at 1305 SE 8th Avenue. No cover. Starts at 8PM. 21 and up.