Episode 3 of WKE's Don't Move Here is now available on their website. The new episode features interviews with Honey Owens (of Valet, Nudge, and others) and Liz Harris of Grouper, sitting in the Rad Summer vintage store on 28th and E Burnside. There's some live footage of both Nudge and Grouper, too. Owens and Harris talk a little bit about the creative process without revealing a ton; like previous installments of the series, it skates on the surface, acknowledging the healthiness of the Portland music scene without delving too deeply into it. It's cool to get a glimpse of the technology Owens and Harris use to make their music. Watch it here.

WKE has also posted a couple other new videos, including the latest episode of DIY America and some footage of a motorcycle ride through the Columbia River Gorge, soundtracked by '60s band Zero End. It's all here, if you want it.