Since no one wants to spend another New Year's Eve at home, contemplating kissing their sister at midnight, we decided to talk to a series of local bands about their final performance of 2009. We'll have more of these posts all week long.

The Band: Coco Cobra and the Killers
The Show: Kelly's Olympian Party with Coco Cobra and the Killers, The Rainy States, Yeltsin, and Secrets In The Salt.
The Reason You Need to Be There: You'll get a great lineup of local acts, a sexed-up version of a New Year's classic, and at 12:01am, you can ride any of the motorcycles on display at Kelly's*. Go nuts, McQueen.

MERCURY: First off, will you be playing "Auld Lang Syne" during your New Year's Eve performance?
VIVA LAS VEGAS: We do a version of it called "I Need Sex."

Any special plans for the show? Covers? Streamers? Those tiny popper things shaped like miniature champagne bottles?
We're going to invite the 15 most annoying people from the Greek Cusina over to Kelly's Olympian and present them with free records and T-shirts.

What are the odds that—come midnight—someone in your band will be available for kissing?
Kissing and a whole lot more!

What is your worst New Year's Eve memory?
We played New Year's Eve 2000 at the Satyricon. True to form, Portland totally overreacted and blocked off all of downtown to traffic and had riot cops manning the perimeters (Y2K and all). We played with Texas Terry and the Texecutioners, and there was no one at the 'Con, save a couple bums. Really, there was no one even downtown save a couple bums. Later that night, Adam "Baby" Cox (who would soon found the Exploding Hearts) got kicked out of Union Jacks for being underage and beat up some chick's red Mazda Miata and fucked up his hands.

* total lie