Since no one wants to spend another New Year's Eve at home, contemplating kissing their sister at midnight, we decided to talk to a series of local bands about their final performance of 2009. We'll have more of these posts all week long.

The Band: Reporter
The Show: Holocene's 102,010 Party with DJ Beyonda, Linger & Quiet, Reporter, Guidance Counselor, DJ New Moon Poncho
The Reason You Need to Be There: It's a space-themed party with plenty of bands and DJs, this is exactly what the future will be like. But with more jetpacks.

MERCURY: First off, will you be playing "Auld Lang Syne" during your New Year's Eve performance?
ALBERTA POON: I had to Wikipedia this. Unfortunately no, unless Mike [McKinnon, drummer], with his Scottish heritage, wants to a capella it.

Any special plans for the show? Covers? Streamers? Those tiny popper things shaped like miniature champagne bottles?
We always have special plans for shows, but they'll probably all fall through. Holocene's theme is outerspace, so we'll probably all dress up like Alf.

What are the odds that—come midnight—someone in your band will be available for kissing?
We'll all be passed-out drunk by midnight, so if someone doesn't have reservations with taking advantage of us, we'll all be "available".

What is your worst New Year's Eve memory?
Drunkenly hurling a wheelchair off a porch. It was great! Oh, you said "worst."