Since no one wants to spend another New Year's Eve at home, contemplating kissing their sister at midnight, we decided to talk to a series of local bands about their final performance of 2009. We'll have more of these posts all week long.

The Band: Weinland
The Show: Mission Theater's New Year's Eve with Weinland Super Group.
The Reason You Need to Be There: Ironic covers, sincere covers, more musicians than you can dare count on a single stage, and beards.

MERCURY: First off, will you be playing "Auld Lang Syne" during your New Year's Eve performance?
ADAM SHEARER: Um, no, but we are playing "Eye of the Tiger." I suppose if you want to trade some sort of prominent billing in exchange for an indie-dance version of "Auld Lang Syne"—a Scottish poem by Robert Burns written in 1788 and set to the tune of a traditional folk song—we could talk about that.

Any special plans for the show? Covers? Streamers? Those tiny popper things shaped like miniature champagne bottles?
We're going to play a Weinland set—almost entirely of our upbeat rock and roll songs—but then we're coming back to close the night as The New Year's Super Group with a bunch of our friends from various Portland bands. It will be all covers; some fast-paced fist-pumping rock and roll from the '70s and '80s, and some straight-up pop dance music, à la Phil Collins and what not. Plus, we're going to have lady backup dancers, plus guest vocal performances (singing these dance classics) from some of Portland's finest vocalists. Basically an all-inclusive dance party for people who want to dance, but don't want to be pushed out of the way by someone trying to get to their vodka Red Bull.

What are the odds that—come midnight—someone in your band will be available for kissing?
40%. Two-fifths (which also happens to be about how much whiskey I may drink) of the band is single, which means make-out galore! Of course once you add the Super Group members in, then all the sudden its harder to do the math and I believe your odds go up! Someone better rush the stage and go for some hot-fan-on-Super-Group action or I'll personally be very disappointed. Just focus more towards the rhythm section...

What is your worst New Year's Eve memory?
Of course there have been many times for all of us when we carefully moved around the room all night trying to make sure we were in just the right spot when the ball dropped—3, 2, 1... and you look over to your hopes and dreams being crushed by another with better timing and more advanced kiss proximity positioning techniques.

In Portland though, one of my worst memories was the time when Rory [Brown], Rantz [Aaron Pomerantz], and I we're walking around downtown all night looking for a place to drink and be surrounded by Portland's many gorgeous party goers—Dante's, Berbati's, the Shanghai Tunnel, the Tube, and on and on—only to be pushed out of the way and looked over at the bar and on the dance floor, eventually getting accidentally separated. Then it started to snow. I missed the ball drop and found myself walking across the Morrison bridge at 3am drunk, alone, and freezing in the snow, separated from my compatriots and completely dissppointed in the pressure to make New Year's the perfect night.

Don't let that happen to you! We've got all the space and gorgeous Portland party goers you could ever need, without the crazy traffic and downtown insanity. Its the one stop, party till you drop, place to be for the sensible New Year's Eve party enthusiast. Got a lot to do? Come for the end of the night and catch the Super Group from 11pm-ish until 1am-ish, and then party on.