Since no one wants to spend another New Year's Eve at home, contemplating kissing their sister at midnight, we decided to talk to a series of local bands about their final performance of 2009. We'll have more of these posts all week long.

The Band: Pure Country Gold
The Show: Slabtown's New Year's Eve Blowout with Pure Country Gold, The Sons o'Bitches, and DJ Baby Lemonade.
The Reason You Need to Be There: You have never made out on top of—or under—a pinball machine, the beer is plentiful and cheap, and the show is totally free.

MERCURY: First off, will you be playing "Auld Lang Syne" during your New Year's Eve performance?
PATRICK FOSS: Uh... no. We're not that kind of New Year's band. The plan is for us to go on after midnight as we want no part in the actual ringing in the New Year portion of the evening.

Any special plans for the show? Covers? Streamers? Those tiny popper things shaped like miniature champagne bottles?
We're gonna debut a bunch of new songs which is fun for us—maybe some cover songs too. Jake [Welliver] and I have been doubling as a Bad Brains tribute band recently, so at least one of those songs is likely to get played. We've also been rehearsing our new juggling, knife-throwing, and acrobatics act—we're hoping to debut some of that stuff too, but I'm worried Slabtown's ceiling might be too low.

What are the odds that—come midnight—someone in your band will be available for kissing?
We'll both be available for kissing by 9pm, and available for much more come midnight. No herpes, please!

What is your worst New Year's Eve memory?
I was arrested once on New Year's for supposedly assaulting a cop who I thought was just a guy in a policeman costume (I was drunk). When they had me undress at jail it revealed that I was wearing women's underwear. That really seemed to cheer up the the jailers. Then I threw up in the cell twice and passed out. Maybe that's actually my best New Year's Eve memory...