Mr. Jon Ragel—otherwise known as Boy Eats Drum Machine—is releasing a brand new album on February 27th at Doug Fir (though it may not feel like it, your hangover from his free New Years Eve show at Radio Room just might wear off by then).

The new album, Hoop + Wire, is a considerably feel-good batch of songs that occasionally slips into dreamy TV on the Radio-territory ("We Make Our Own Light," "Gold in the Hills") while still delivering plenty of that infectious, dance-pop ("Constellation," "Lolo Forest," "Mr. Train") which Ragel is best known for. Plus, there's an impressive odd-ball instrumental song buried in there ("ABQ") that sounds like the score for a major motion picture that is about epic, hiphop dance battles between wizards or something. Um, you just have to listen to it yourself to understand.


Boy Eats Drum Machine - "ABQ"