Local Music Pony is at home with fans of Red Fang
  • Local Music Pony is at home with fans of Red Fang

It's been awhile since we trotted out Local News Pony, our lazily-Photoshopped mascot for lazily-assembled news roundup posts. Mount up, we ride at dawn!

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Everyone seems to be buzzing about the new Red Fang album, so we dropped a line to head Fangster Aaron Beam as he waited at PDX for a flight to Nashville, where the record will be mixed. The as-of-yet-titled album was recorded at Type Foundry with Adam Selzer, Kevin Robinson (see more about him below) rolled tape on the vocals/overdubs, while Chris Funk produced the recordings. Yeah, sure whatever. What does it sound like?

"I think it is very different," Beam explains, before throwing us for a loop, "Much more adult contemporary with a focus on breakfast cereal marketing angles." What the...? "No seriously, to me it sounds like a pretty natural progression from the earlier record." He continues, "I guess I would say it sounds heavier and lighter at the same time. There is a lot of variety in the new record. We have songs on it that were written before Bryan [Giles] even joined the band, as well as songs that were written a month before heading into the studio." So there you go.

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The Robinsons—or Viva Voce, or Blue Giant—invaded the W|K campus to record a two song live set in front of a trippy backdrop purchased at the Iron Butterfly yardsale. Also, word has it that the Blue Giant full-length that has often been discussed, but never actually released, will see the light of 2010. More details on that shortly.

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PDX Pop is only half a year away, look busy! The nonprofit all-age music fest to end all nonprofit all-age music fests is accepting compilation submissions.

Musicians interested in submitting music for consideration for inclusion on the compilation, can make a submission online through an mp3 upload. The submission form can be filled out online, though it will need to be printed, signed and mailed to PDX Pop Now! to complete the submission. Artists can still opt to mail in CDs of their music submissions if they prefer. PDX Pop Now! Attn: Comp Coordinator PO Box 14828 Portland, OR 97293. Online submission details are available at http://pdxpopnow.com/submit.

They are also gearing up for their first volunteer meeting (a week from today, 7pm at Backspace) and holding their second "Pop Night!" benefit at Voicebox Karaoke on Thursday, January 28. It costs $8—all proceeds benefit PDX Pop Now!—but butchering your favorite songs in front of your peers is priceless. Okay, maybe not priceless, but it's at least worth more than $8.