It would seem that dance night institution I've Got a Hole in My Soul is cleaning up their act, courtesy of a dress code. DJ Beyonda, take it away:

It is really important that the people who aid in making this night magic and special feel special! The dress code will honor sharply dressed people (suits, shirt tie leather jacket, dress shoes or boots, dresses, skirts, mod or rocknroll style) the usual $3 cover charge. Those who choose to not participate in the theme (by wearing beenies, hoodies, baseball caps, tennis shoes, baggy pants, and overtly casual dress) will pay a $10 cover charge.

I do need is this space to be SAFE and RESPECTABLE for me and everyone that enters. Like I said this is an experiment. But I am at least going to try something. I'm not just going to stand by and throw a douche bag fest once a month and be miserable.

Finally, a price break for the Mods! Dress codes are always a tricky issue, especially when terms like "overtly casual dress" are pretty vague. Is a Snuggie and some Ugg boots overtly casual? Because that's all I wear these days.