Personally, the word "hype" makes me feel uneasy. This might be because it reminds me of what I had to do for myself before a date in high school:
-look in the mirror
-smile; pick food out of braces
-chant incantations of exaggerated praise about awesome self/imaginary breasts
-continue aforementioned "hype up" all the way out to the car while remembering not to trip or say anything about rehearsal for the Spring production of Fiddler on the Roof

However, hype and the musical blogosphere have a undeniable symbiotic relationship. It is what it is. Bloggers get the first taste of new recordings from bands that have been hyped-up in one way or another, and if they are in agreement (or unfortunately, if some think they should agree), they perpetuate the praise with photos, links, mp3s and a bunch of words that may or may not be read.

Some hype is undeserved; for example the meteoric rise of expendable Black Kids. Yet all of the excited ramblings on your RSS about the new Beach House record, Teen Dream, should be treated as the gospel. The whole thing, save for maybe one unbearably drony minute of one song, is perfect. If you don't believe me, see for yourself; it debuted today on NPR's first listen.

In accompaniment to the new record is a DVD that contains videos for each of the 10 songs, interpreted by 10 different directors. Trusty Texan hype machine Gorilla vs. Bear will air a video for each day of the week until the record is released on the 26th of this month. Today they posted the video for the standout track "Walk in the Park." I can't embed the video because it's exclusive to their blog, nor can I do it any justice by trying to explain it to you with words like "revenge" or "bizarre." However, I will say this; if you dig cutting marshmallows with scissors, show interest in Hypertrichosis, or regularly consume tabs of Acid, you should check it out here.

This concludes my brief essay on hype, its perpetuation and its implications. And Beach House, sort of. Let us now marinate in our thoughts and theories with a track from Teen Dream that isn't rare or exclusive, but certainly damn good. (Which, at the end of the day, is all that matters.)


Beach House - "Silver Soul"

Beach House will be at the Doug Fir on April 10th. Hypertrichosis sufferers are welcome.