It's very possible that Alex Smith and Sean Sumler—collectively known as ASSS—have one of the dumbest band names in Portland. But in a city filled with monikers like Eat Skull, Purple Rhinestone Eagle and Pyramiddd it's a bit trivial to peg a band just for having an stupid band name. We should be able to look past names—which are trivial in the first place—and appreciate the music a band has to offer instead.

That said, ASSS is far more imaginative than their band name would imply. This duo combines the post-punk stylings of James Chance & The Contrortions and the Fall alongside the primitive, dream-like soundscapes of Atlas Sound or Animal Collective to create a very natural sound. Currently the band is recording their debut full-length album so they should be watched out for in 2010. Let's just hope they don't tragically disband too early like Smith and Sumler's previous effort, Syrup, did.

ASSS open for Yummy Fur and Pie Ghost tonight at Missisippi Studios. It's sold out.