• Ezra Ace Caraeff
No, this skateboard shall never be yours. That handmade beauty is propped up outside the residence of Fred and Toody Cole, formerly of Dead Moon, and currently of Pierced Arrows. Speaking of Pierced Arrows, a new tune turned up on BrooklynVegan; take a listen below. The new album from Fred and Toody comes out on Vice Records on Groundhog Day. But unlike the groundhog, Pierced Arrows is not intimidated by its shadow, or anything else for that matter. They'll be bringing their now-legendary garage punk to you in a string of local dates:

February 2: Music Millennium
February 7: Slabtown (closing out the annual Slabtown Bender)
March 31: Dante's


Pierced Arrows - "Let it Rain" (from Descending Shadows, out February 2)