Here's a big grain of salt: I'm not really a hiphop head at all. Alright, now that you've taken that, let me alert you to a hiphop show happening tonight that I tentatively recommend.

The most interesting thing about Cloudy October's debut EP is the beats. They're mid-heavy beats with very little bass and dry-sounding drums. So many underground acts lean on cheap, sub-woofer jams that they distract from the emcee's flow more than they support them.

The Carter III it aint
  • "The Carter III" it ain't

As for Cloudy October's delivery, it's pretty alright; he's got a sort of Aesop Rock thing going on (again, reaching into my shallow bag of hiphop knowledge). I really feel for the local emcee on "Vagabondage," the first track on his EP, where it sounds like he's having a blast (opening lyrics: "I stole your library card! I stole your library card!"). Though it's much less relatable to my own experience, "Two Rude Dudes" is a slick number about not wanting to hook up with your attractive cousin.

But why read what I have to say when you can just listen to the whole EP right here and make up your own mind. Alright, I have to go listen to a white guy fill his acoustic guitar hole with tears.

Cloudy October's EP release party is at Dunes tonight.