The three exclamation marks mean this is serious. Today is the grand opening of ABBAWORLD in London, a theme park dedicated to... you guessed it, the Bee Gees.

The ABBA-approved theme park features 25 rooms dedicated to Sweden's most popular export next to Fish, and features costumes, album cover props, a recreation of their studio and beard trimmings from Björn Ulvaeus and Benny Andersson. OK, that last part is just my secret wish.

And this bitch is mobile. In fact, in March—right around the time the group gets inducted into Jann Wenner's musical boys club—the theme park will tour Europe, and there is hopes of recreating the spectacle in Australia and New York by the end of 2010.

Unfortunately this blows my theory that ABBAWORLD has always existed as this sort of alternate reality... kinda like Htrae, where everyone is beautiful, bearded and bell-bottomed, and they all sing in perfect four-part harmony.