Quasi is setting up shop in the aisles of the downtown Jackpot Records location for a free American Gong instore on Tuesday, February 23rd at 6pm. Whatever. Here are two words that will make you forget all about that: coloring contest!!!

To bridge the fun gap between now and February 23rd, Jackpot Records is hosting a Quasi poster coloring contest. Stop by either Jackpot Records location to pick-up an 11 x 17 show flyer, designed by Sam Coomes, and return it with your own artistic flourishes before the day of the instore. All posters will be put on display, and the band will award an extra-special prize to the designer of their favorite work. Designated winner must be present to receive the prize.

I'm in. Just a warning, I don't stay within any lines. I'm Crayola crazy like that.