A bit late to the ball on this one, but I just found out San Francisco goth rockers New Thrill Parade are calling it quits:

to the interested few,
as of breakfast a couple of days ago new thrill parade has chosen to no longer exist. We disband with no regrets, drama, or bitterness and will all remain close friends. The reasons for the decision vary with each member. I am certain that we will all continue to create music with each other in various formations under various names. Over the course of the band's five and a half year existence we have released 2 full lengths, 2 eps, had over 12 people join the band and played over 250 shows to approximately 250 different people. If you were one of these people, we thank you. We will be playing a last show sometime in February or March. Check back with us incrementally, as we will update this page with new projects of the band members.

don't stop bereaving,
Tame Irie Hall

The New Thrill Parade have toured through Portland on numerous occasions, each time delivering an equally memorable, explosive and bizarre performance. I'm personally saddened by their demise, not only as someone who enthusiastically hosted a house show for them here last Spring, but also as someone who sincerely believed they would strike it huge after moving from their rinky-dink hometown of Santa Cruz into a city with far greater opportunity, San Francisco (in 2007). After recently opening for goth-punk legends 45 Grave, releasing a very impressive sophmore album titled Slumber In Colorland, and filming several highly entertaining, self-made music videos, it seemed like widespread success was only eminate for the band. It's truly unfortunate they're disbanding without meeting the success their talent, constant touring and hard work warranted. However, as many goths know, sometimes life is pain and you just can't go on. Let us weep without fear of running our eyeliner (or tie-dye) over one of their classic videos, "Tie Dyed Batcave."