Wanna be in a video? Of course you do... because getting naked and riding your bike wasn't enough, was it?

Portland's Archeology is looking for some extras to take part in a video shoot for "By the By" from its forthcoming record Memorial (out March 16). This guy already auditioned, but didn't make the cut. Jeez, these indie rock bands are so picky.

The shoot will take place this weekend, Feb. 20th and 21st, on location on Sauvie's Island in St. Helens. No birthday suits required, but the band does have a couple of requests:

"All we ask is that people dress in 1930s-1960s period era clothes… they don’t have to be exact, just nothing modern. If you can make it, or know someone, let us know for sure because our director is collecting photos of everyone so he can get a better feel for who should go where."

The fellas in Archeology go on to explain: "The video will be super creepy mixed with a sort of celebratory angst (think the last day of 5th grade)."

Sounds like Temple of Doom. No one has to commit for the entire time, either. For more info on times and meeting places, e-mail the guys in Archeology at: