Rumors that the Beauty Bar franchise were eyeing a new locale in Portland to serve up manicures and martinis (and live music) have been around for quite some time, but now it's official. With seven branches across the country, the Portland location (111 SW Ash, in the former space of Voleur Kitchen) is one of three new bars opening this year. The man behind the Portland Beauty Bar will be none other than Paul Hinojos, the former one-armed scissor slinger for At the Drive-In, plus both of its post-break-up offshoots: Sparta and the Mars Volta.

Unlike other locations, the Portland beauty bar will not be booking live music, instead they'll focus on special guest DJs. As Hinojos puts it, the bar will be "a rock bar where you can dance, if you want to." Taking a break from his busy schedule, Hinojos answered a few quick questions about the new spot:

When will the Portland location of the Beauty Bar open?
We will open March 6th.

Other locations have live music, will that be the case with here in Portland?
There will not be any bands performing at Beauty Bar, but we will have DJs.

What's the capacity of the space? Will the events be booked in-house or will a outside promoter handle the booking?
We dont know our capacity just yet, but we estimate it would be around 200. All our bookings will be done in-house

Anything special planned for your grand opening?
Yeah, we have some special stuff planned. DJ Nobody from Los Angeles, as well as my bandmate for 13 years, Cedric Bixler, will be our special guest DJ.